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The patient files

The patient file is the focal point which contains all information concerning a patient, whether logistical, dental, financial or medical.  It is thus crucial that it provide all imaginable data on the individual in order to provide the very best level of service.

It should be noted that if your clinic is already equipped with a dental management software, it may be possible to migrate the data from the existing patient files to ExcelDent.  An analysis of your databases may be in order depending on the software in question. 

The patient file contains four sections as follows:

General logistics

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Dental file comprised of:
initial odontograms (upon file start-up), evolving odontograms and future odontograms (for potential treatments)


    Odontogramme.gif (131982 bytes)


an unlimited number of periodontal charts with color-coded pockets which are proportional to pocket depth, thus providing a view of the whole periodontal situation at a glance in 3-D.

        CharteParo.gif (136699 bytes)


the list of provided treatments
the digital imagery interface which interfaces with a host of popular digital imaging systems, including trademarked brand names such as Gendex, DentX, Schick, SciCan, Sirona, Trophy, Dexis, etc...

        Imagerie.gif (155026 bytes)


the financial file which contains the complete list of transactions, receivables and the insurance holder profile


the medical file which identifies any medical alert, whether it be a serious cardiac condition or a simple allergy to latex.



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